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» Smartphone Lighter

Summary: A fullscreen lighter simulation for fun a concerts.

Windows Mobile Smartphone edition

Arrived: 2009-04-06
Found under: lighter, simulagor, fun, light, fire

» Smartphone Lighter Description

A fullscreen lighter simulation for fun a concerts.

Did you ever wonder, how you can celebrate the most touchy music in a concert, without a lighter?

Well, desperate times are over now, if you own a Windows Mobile Smartphone :-)

Just download this cab file, place it via Active Sync in the Temp folder on your smartphone. Then open the file explorer on the smartphone navigate to the Temp folder and execute "".

After the installation you will find a shortcut in the start menu. Just click on it and enjoy.

To stop the lighter on your phone, just click any key.

As it would be quite dump, if the lighter went out after 20 seconds, caused by the power management of the phone, the power management of the phone is shut off during the operation of this freeware.

Come on, baby, light my fire ...

the Smartphone Lighter free for your smartphone

Made by: Chris van der Meijden

» Comments

Tue7Apr at 8:52 am
Brent wrote...
Awesome, works great on TILT
Tue14Apr at 4:02 pm
safi wrote...
very nice
Thu14May at 12:45 am
mhel wrote...
i like all those software
Thu25Jun at 12:42 pm
chrbs wrote...
how do you delete it?
Fri31Jul at 7:52 pm
wscaddie56 wrote...
Great idea, haven't tried it but it looks hilarious.
Wed5Aug at 6:01 pm
julez wrote...
looks funny indeed...
Tue18Aug at 2:30 am
erdogan wrote...
ok become clear...thanks
Thu27Aug at 10:33 pm
efasser wrote...
really cool and funny...
Tue24Nov at 1:39 pm
tiffany wrote...
does anyone know how to download this to the htc imagio it will only let me download it to my computer
Thu3Dec at 11:54 am
mrbcross wrote...
Works great on the Q9C by Motorola. I needed a light for a play that I am in. This will be great.
Sun20Dec at 3:00 pm
Mitchelhc wrote...
Works great on my Motorola Q. Thanks!
Thu4Oct at 2:31 am
matichand wrote...
htc wibdows mobile * racing games* website



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