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» Smartphone m-Vision: mobile Internet TV 5.6

Summary: m-Vision video gives you the power of TV on your Windows Mobile 2002 or higher Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone or Smartphone.

Arrived: 2004-08-24
Found under: Movies, Multimedia, Television

» Smartphone m-Vision: mobile Internet TV 5.6 Description

m-Vision video gives you the power of TV on your Windows Mobile 2002 or higher Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone or Smartphone.

m-Vision truly is mobile video entertainment, available anytime, anywhere.

Install m-Vision now and you are only one step away from receiving video content on your mobile device.

the Smartphone m-Vision: mobile Internet TV 5.6 free for your smartphone

Made by: GoConnect Australia Pty. Ltd.

» Comments

Wed6Dec at 12:10 pm
charles wrote...
i will try it out
Sun1Jul at 5:34 am
kush wrote...
Mon20Aug at 2:01 pm
Wayne wrote...
i will try it
Fri7Sep at 1:34 am
Cindy wrote...
Ill give it a go
Mon5Nov at 10:58 am
viji wrote...
Sat29Dec at 9:31 pm
flavio wrote...
d+ sucesso!!!
Wed16Jan at 11:25 am
marco wrote...
i will try it..
Tue19Feb at 12:25 pm
jerry wrote...
ill try it
Thu28Feb at 8:22 am
michelle wisdom wrote...
i will try it too
Mon3Mar at 7:07 pm
Earle harrison wrote...
very good.
Fri21Mar at 4:29 am
jacky wrote...
Sat22Mar at 8:37 am
jack wrote...
its worth to give a shot though
Sat29Mar at 8:37 pm
david wrote...
i'll give it a try
Thu3Apr at 5:44 am
Ramnath wrote...
Mon14Apr at 11:34 pm
james rice wrote...
Tue20May at 5:11 pm
jackal wrote...
ive tried to run this install progam on my laptop but unfortunatly i have windows vista (that piece of shit os) but with that being said windows vista doesnt have activesync which apparently you need to get it on my phone. instead i have windows mobile device center which doesnt do me any good. every time i try to run it i get as far as clicking the finish button on my laptop and then an erro message pops up saying activesync not found on this computer setup exiting now. blah blah blah. i really want to use this app how would i go about getting it to run?
Mon16Jun at 12:41 pm
jonathan wrote...
my best advice is to remove the device center if possible and install activesync my second advice is get rid of vista im a tech and i say booooo to vista
Fri15Aug at 10:10 am
nabendu wrote...
Sat30Aug at 4:41 am
YOGESH wrote...
Tue16Sep at 10:43 pm
gman wrote...
What's with all the one word reviews on this site? Can't anyone put a couple of sentences together so we can get some worthwhile info about these programs? C'mon folks, get with it!
Wed1Oct at 12:52 pm
obaro akpeme wrote...
how to intall m-Vision: mobile Internet TV 5.6 on my phone
Mon6Apr at 1:34 am
naveed wrote...
i like to be updated with news alert
Fri28Aug at 11:16 pm
Kehar khan wrote...
Give and take love and response .
Wed29Sep at 4:58 am
Farbod ahmadi wrote...
Its cool
Sat16Oct at 9:11 am
houssem wrote...
Sat30Oct at 7:18 am
russia wrote...
американцы пидоры russia cool
Thu9Dec at 1:03 pm
Jaime Sanchez wrote...
I think it's a great idea.
Fri4Mar at 9:03 am
Abdurrahman wrote...
Sun3Apr at 1:56 am
isira shamintha wrote...
Wed22Jun at 12:54 pm
imran wrote...
very nice.
Tue15Nov at 3:10 am
salman wrote...
Wed25Jul at 2:43 am
Somu wrote...
Wow thank you so much, I was thinking it was imslopibse. Got it working in minutes, tried doing myself about two hundreed times with no luck.HTC Touch 6900 running Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional



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