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» SmartToolkit Alpha-3C

Summary: SmartToolkit Alpha-3C adds new functions such as text editing and resolves limitations with resources as well as provides interface improvements!

All Windows Mobile Smartphone QQVGA (176x220), QVGA (240x320), Landscape (320x240).

Arrived: 2007-04-25
Found under: untilities, start menu, launcher, copy, paste, keypad, clipboard, tools

» SmartToolkit Alpha-3C Description

Start Menu Function is now partially working (the quick launch is still in development)

Start Menu Items are:

  • All Programs - this will show and launch your OS Start Menu items and folders.
  • Quick Launch - assign your favorite applications/folders here for easier access.
  • Power Control Items:
    • Lock Keypad - manually lock your keypad
    • Restart - restart your phone
    • Shutdown - power off your phone
    • Terminate STK - kill SmartToolkit
  • My Documents - this will show and launch your device's My Documents contents
  • Control Panel Items:
    • System Setings - launch Settings function of your phone
    • Fade Animation - Tonggle between Fade animation <-> Scroll animation
    • Autokeylock - Setup autokeylock settings
  • Contacts - show phone contacts
  • Messaging - open tmail.exe

Fix Up:

  • Hidding cprog from List Task (WM2003)
Screen Shoot:
SmartToolkit ScreenShoot

ALPHA 3 - Fix & Features:

  • Clock Plugin - Interface has been Optimized.
  • Normal Red Key or Green Key events can be accessed by holding the key about 200 milisecond ( notification icon also included to labeled the holding state ).
  • While not on the taskbar, volume keys still accessing into native volume control.
  • While on Contact, short press Green Key can be used to make a call.
  • Alpha Blending Animation (Fade In) - >= WM5 Only.
  • Capture Screen on Toolbar (Bitmap Format - *.bmp)
  • Auto Close Taskbar & Toolbar - Currently 8 second from last key event.
  • The Call (green) button now launches the Toolbar.
  • Double Press function has been moved to the Toolbar.
  • Performance has been optimized.
  • Resources Plugin - Battery Temperature.
  • Icons have been added to the Taskbar.
  • Task Menu now shows the icons of running applications.
  • While the Task Bar is active, the action button will show the remaining battery life and memory usage.
  • Volume can now be controlled by toggling the joystick up or down while the Task Bar is present.

the SmartToolkit Alpha-3C free for your smartphone

Made by: Ahmad Amarullah

» Comments

Fri27Apr at 11:23 am
Clymmer wrote...
Very nice alpha application. The task manager portion of this recaptures memory better than the built in task manager and almost as good as Oxios's app. I like the plug-ins it came with. Well thought out & executed implementation. Good job! C.
Fri27Apr at 3:38 pm
langjai23 wrote...
How do you install this on the blackjack? All I did was copy the .exe to my storage card and run it from file exporer on my this incorrect? Thanks.
Sun29Apr at 3:19 pm
rey0601 wrote...
yea...that is incorrect...u need to run the exe on the computer with you blackjack synced via ActiveSync...there then should another cab installation that automatically starts on your phone
Tue1May at 1:04 am
vishal puri wrote...
how can i install agile messenger software in imate jasjar mobile.....
Thu3May at 1:12 pm
Kaleab wrote...
The .zip file doesn't work. Just errors when I download it.
Fri4May at 10:33 am
tony wrote...
that is goob
Mon7May at 10:05 am
Amit wrote...
Hey can any body help me as how to install this application in my O2 atom
Thu10May at 4:33 pm
Alian wrote...
this sounds good
Thu10May at 4:33 pm
Alian wrote...
this sounds good
Fri11May at 3:04 am
Bhooral shah wrote...
this software is vary good
Sun13May at 7:03 pm
mikemtglo wrote...
wow - unfreakin believable. I'd spend $40 for this and would have been overly satisfied. Great job man!!! love the auto-lock.
Sun20May at 8:41 am
larry wrote...
I downloaded this but when I try to execute the .exe file on my pc, it tells me it isn't a Valid Win32 application. How do I run it??
Sun27May at 11:40 am
Fred$tar wrote...
I tried to run the exe and it said Not a Valid win32 do i get it to run right?
Mon11Jun at 7:07 pm
David wrote...
gracias por esto
Wed20Jun at 3:07 am
wilson korakpe wrote...
SmartToolkit Alpha-3C adds new functions such as text editing and resolves limitations with resources as well as provides interface improvements!
Thu28Jun at 7:10 pm
Eric wrote...
hey how you dl dis on my t-mobile dash? help me pls!
Sun23Sep at 4:37 am
Marcelino wrote...
awesome but i have a problem. i installed directly the alpha 4 and all is OK but clipboard funtionalities are not working. within a text message: i press the End/Red Key: Show Clipboard Toolbar. than i select the text needed than preform copy/paste but nothing is pasted :( same for 2P, i see the menu, i press the position but nothing is written :(
Thu4Oct at 2:51 pm
tamer wrote...
Tue4Dec at 9:40 pm
Zubair wrote...
Sat26Jan at 5:54 pm
nm_guy wrote...
wow. thank you.
Fri8Feb at 7:15 pm
toattention wrote...
Itīs the best
Wed9Jul at 9:07 am
irfan wrote...
Wed20Aug at 4:14 am
ashish wrote...
very best
Tue7Oct at 11:43 am
booboo wrote...
looking forward to trying it
Sun20Dec at 9:28 am
srivallabhan wrote...
How did i download it
Thu10Feb at 12:08 pm
arshad wrote...
flash scren



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