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» SmartToolkit ALPHA 4

Summary: SmartToolkit Alpha-3C adds new functions such as text editing and resolves limitations with resources as well as provides interface improvements! New Start Menu Quick Launch Storage & Storage Card Explorer New Stuff Screen Shoot:     ...

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Arrived: 2007-05-21
Found under: utilities, start menu, launcher, copy, paste, keypad, clipboard, tools

» SmartToolkit ALPHA 4 Description

SmartToolkit Alpha-3C adds new functions such as text editing and resolves limitations with resources as well as provides interface improvements!

  • New Start Menu
  • Quick Launch
  • Storage & Storage Card Explorer
New Stuff Screen Shoot:
SmartToolkit ScreenShoot  SmartToolkit ScreenShoot
SmartToolkit ScreenShoot  SmartToolkit ScreenShoot
SmartToolkit ScreenShoot  SmartToolkit ScreenShoot
All Screen Shoot has been captured by SmartToolkit it self.


  • New Start Menu.
  • QuickLaunch.
  • Add Storage & Storage Card Explorer Menu.
  • Add Right Menu in Explorer Menu (trial).
  • Add pin to quicklaunch in Right explorer menu.
  • Replacing System Start Menu not need to reboot the phone.
  • Add fahrenheit temperature (configurable).
  • Add Font-Size configuration.
  • Hibernate now free more memory than before.
  • Homescreen slowdown has been fixed
  • Changelog...

  • Start Menu.
  • Auto Keylock.
  • Navigation Function
  • Clipboard Functions - Copy, Cut, Paste, Undo, Redo, etc.
  • Task Manager, Process Manager & Task Tools.
  • Clean WM6 User Interface & Animation.
  • Memory Friendly.
  • 2P - Double Press.
  • Plugins - Resource Information, Volume Control, Clock.

the SmartToolkit ALPHA 4 free for your smartphone

» Comments

Tue22May at 8:34 am
ari wardhana wrote...
Wed23May at 6:12 pm
joe s wrote...
Very nice! Is there a way to make the bottom bar stay always on top? It seems to dissappear randomly and show the stock wm5 bar
Wed23May at 11:11 pm
angelocer wrote...
Tue29May at 2:56 pm
Scott wrote...
could get to run. Cam with no extension
Tue29May at 2:58 pm
Angier Roman wrote...
Look very good.
Thu31May at 4:06 am
Tiago Barbosa wrote...
Very good ! It's works on my Qtek 8100 with WM 2003SE.
Thu31May at 4:47 am
donna wrote...
This is quite nice - can't wait to see a final version! Using on a Cingular 3125.
Thu31May at 11:32 am
sushant wrote...
Sat2Jun at 11:42 am
Thomas Mitchell wrote...
how in the world do u download this thing
Sat2Jun at 11:42 am
Jeff wrote...
How do you install it after downloading it. Tried to click on the exe. but it would not install. Am I doing something wrong?
Sun3Jun at 4:46 am
dinos wrote...
Sun3Jun at 9:00 am
joe s wrote...
I also am running it on the cingular 3125, To install you copy the .exe file to your phone and run it
Wed6Jun at 1:28 am
paijotenan wrote...
very good
Wed6Jun at 10:16 pm
tempek mlendung wrote...
Fri8Jun at 5:38 am
mouse wrote...
Fri8Jun at 7:34 pm
mathias wrote...
Fri8Jun at 9:20 pm
CHARLIE wrote...
this looks pretty sweet
Tue12Jun at 1:43 am
ozzy wrote...
i want it
Thu14Jun at 3:45 am
hawkeye wrote...
confusing, but cool
Thu14Jun at 8:45 am
timothy wrote...
smart toolkit
Thu14Jun at 10:22 am
george wrote...
its crap messed up my phone had to master reset dont do it !!!!!
Fri15Jun at 7:19 am
yals wrote...
Fri15Jun at 5:53 pm
tonka wrote...
Wed27Jun at 10:28 am
mitch wrote...
on my Motorola Q, at first I loved it. then I got sick of my phone freezing and rebooting multiple times per day. Now I can't uninstall it. it's like a virus.
Fri29Jun at 12:00 am
jhayzhon wrote...
great tool !!!! I'm testing it right now on my sp5m...
Sun8Jul at 8:06 am
Dody wrote...
Very gooooooooooooood
Sat21Jul at 3:42 am
Jamin wrote...
cool !
Sun22Jul at 11:34 pm
TeK79 wrote...
AWESOME PROGRAM!!!!!!! The Alpha 4 version of this prog works great!! With the new look it gives the phone it feels like I just bought a whole new phone. Amazing program!!! and its free. You cant beat that.
Tue24Jul at 2:06 am
quadcoretux wrote...
yeah so i cant uninstall now.... i am getting some message about a sharing violation. does anyone know how to get this off my dash? it could be my own stupidity.... but yeah not too satisfied though the interface is kewl the controls were too much for me but now it wont go away... please help!
Wed25Jul at 6:37 am
wapysun wrote...
good!!!!i like it!! your cannt be nstall???? tell me !i can help you ,welcome send mail to
Wed25Jul at 12:34 pm
vijay wrote...
very nice
Sun29Jul at 1:13 am
TeK79 wrote...
QUAD: I heard that problem. People said they cant uninstall it. So see if this will help you. When you click start, the bottom right icon there will be a word "terminate" Click that and it will close out the program. Then try to uninstall it and you shouldnt have a problem. You cant uninstall it because its still being used. Or try this. Soft Reset. Then try to uninstall it. for some reason on my MotoQ if I shut it off the program isnt running anymore. I have to run the exe file to get the tool bar back up. And if i ever have a problem with it I simply soft reset and it kills the STK tools prog. For some reason It is never installed in my moto Q. So i dont understand that. Which i guess is a plus for me. I dont have to worry about uninstalling it. Anyway I hope this helps. It really is a great program, specially when i installed a Apple I phone interface. My phone looks so different now my GF cant even figure out how to check my sms now lol. Anyway, good luck man
Thu2Aug at 7:17 am
beebow wrote...
dont now yet sounds good
Mon6Aug at 10:01 pm
MotorQbabe wrote...
mitch, Im with you! I loved it but the constant freezes and reboots drove me nutts!!! I had to uninstall it (without any problems though) Wish there was an update to get the WM 6.0 I would really love to use this program!
Tue7Aug at 9:14 am
ItsYaBoi wrote...
This thing works fine. It never froze up not one time on my Q. And for all the people sayin "i can't uninstall it". There is info on their site about why that happens. This program is kool. It's like running to softwares. And to the person above me. Motorola said they will not release an update to WM6 for the Q.
Mon20Aug at 11:56 am
yukyuk wrote...
won't run on xv6700 w/wm5. ...sucs
Sat25Aug at 7:26 pm
baahhh wrote...
Great on a 3125! Good functions, nice interface, very customizable.
Fri31Aug at 8:14 am
Alessandro wrote...
Very good
Sat1Sep at 8:02 am
Rui Pedro Freire wrote...
Sun13Jan at 11:01 am
adolf wrote...
Thu27Mar at 4:16 pm
ronald paul wrote...
i like it and i think its a good program
Thu27Mar at 7:43 pm
crayon wrote...
when i download it wat folder do i put it on my phone ?
Sun30Mar at 8:27 pm
5150 wrote...
hope they get the bugs worked out. worked awesome when it wasn't freezing up, had to uninstall :( look foward to retrying future releases. -Motorola Q User
Wed23Apr at 10:55 am
suman wrote...
looks great
Sun27Apr at 8:26 am
Zack wrote...
i intalled it on a memory card it comes up but after i yurn the phone off i have to go back and install again what am i doing wrong.
Fri2May at 8:21 am
awd kambal wrote...
ilike it is my need
Sun20Jul at 7:28 pm
cleyber nava wrote...
Mon11Aug at 8:16 am
James wrote...
I love it, but after having once pressed "exclude" under tasks/options, I can't get the program I excluded to show up again on the task menu. Looking through settings, restarting, uninstalling and reinstalling, nothing seems to work. Does anyone know how to reverse the "exclude" command?
Tue14Oct at 10:59 pm
GunzNButta wrote...
How do you change colors
Wed27May at 2:02 am
Jerry wrote...
How the hell u install this thing on a Moto Q? Can anyone help me out?
Sat31Oct at 1:44 am
Joel B1 wrote...
very good, nice "normal" start menu makes BJII much easier to use!
Wed8Dec at 5:47 am
Abdul wrote...
Hi James, Were you able to get back the applications which were excluded?
Sat13Aug at 6:13 am
yusuf wrote...
çok güzel



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