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» smartWatchm

Summary: Notification utility for Sony Ericsson (Fossil/Abacus) BlueTooth watch MBW-150 and MBW-100.

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Arrived: 2008-07-21
Found under: bluetooth, utilities, watch

» smartWatchm Description

Notification utility for Sony Ericsson (Fossil/Abacus) BlueTooth watch MBW-150 and MBW-100.

Here is my notification utility smartWatchM for Sony Ericsoon BT watch (MBW-150). It supports all main features of Sony Ericsson phones and it even has some extra functions. It should work on all WM 5/6 devices (with MS BT stack - HTC, Samsung, Motorola...).

pcfixitman's alternative - btWatch, currently version 0.1.8. Try it if you have trouble connecting watch with smartWatchM or for getting opinion what application is more suitable for you (and your watch ).

Don't blame me if you buy this watch and smartWatchM wont work for you. Althrought smartWatchM is running flawlessly on several WM devices I cannot guarantee any functionality.

1. If the watch was previously paired with another WM device or SE phone, master reset the watch (read user manual to do that)-
2. Install smartWatchM (.NET Compact Framework 2.0 or 3.5 is required on WM5 devices)
3. Start synchronization on the watch
4. Discover the watch from within smartWatchM (Settings -> Device Setup -> Discover and Pair) and wait for pairing
5. Select COM port (Settings -> Incoming Port). (Not all ports may work, try different port if you have trouble connecting the watch)
6. Set up the selected COM port (Settings -> Device Setup -> Register Selected COM port)
7. Reboot WM
8. Launch smartWatchM and press Start.
9. If you get error message try restarting smartWatchM or start over from point 5. with different COM port
10. If you see the text "Waiting for connection. Press a button on the watch.", simple press a button on your watch... You're connected

the smartWatchm free for your smartphone

» Comments

Mon21Jul at 8:36 pm
Fyew-jit-tiv wrote...
OH MY GOSH....I own a S.E MBW-100 Watch, I ditched S.E Mobile for HTC TOUCH but was gutted to find out the watch would work with the HTC..I thought is was all over, This software if AMAZING.. GUYS i thank you sooooooo much.!
Tue22Jul at 3:12 am
Fyew-jit-tiv wrote...
P.S Guys I'm going to open a pay pal account..I will donate 15.00 not much but every-little helps i guess.. This Software to me is priceless and worth every penny..! Keep up the good work
Tue22Jul at 9:59 am
baksanir wrote...
You can contact the author of this software here I am sure that he will enjoy your donation :)
Wed6Aug at 7:39 pm
bigboi wrote...
wat do this program do?
Sat9Aug at 4:22 pm
arton wrote...
I search program.unlock software mobile
Thu10Sep at 5:18 am
robin wrote...
found this great on htc tytn11 - but now have the toshiba TG01 - any ideas to get past the 'is not a valid pocket PC application' error message - i'm not a developer, so am a bit stuck!



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