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» SMS Chat

Summary: Chat style SMS application for WM5 smartphones.this is a simple chat style sms application with a few added options. New Features added for SMS Chat.Menu Item Changes:2. Edit Chatc. Paste Msg #.. - choose which message number to be pasted in the Send Boxd. Save Msg # to Txt.. - choose which message...

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Arrived: 2007-04-06
Found under: sms, chat

» SMS Chat Description

Chat style SMS application for WM5 smartphones.

this is a simple chat style sms application with a few added options.

New Features added for SMS Chat.

Menu Item Changes:
2. Edit Chat
c. Paste Msg #.. - choose which message number to be pasted in the Send Box
d. Save Msg # to Txt.. - choose which message number to be saved in a text file. The text file will be named based on the chosen (focused) combobox1 item
e. Del Msg #.. - choose which message number to be deleted from the chat box
3. Chat Files - this will create a new Chat Window named "chat files" and will contain the text of the chosen txt file
5. Paste - paste text in the Send Box
a. Smileys - contains 3 sub menus (3 different smileys)
b. Personal - contains 5 sub menus
c. Fraction - contains 5 sub menus
d. Contact # - contact name and number will be pasted
e. Del Msg Box - erase the texts in the Send Box
NOTE: contents of items 5.a to 5.c can be edited by editing the myword.txt file inside \Storage Card\Program Files\oldSAP\SMS Chat\ folder.
The Menu Item Title and the Text to be pasted are separated by the "+" sign.

7. Options
b. Blacklist - on/off sms black listed numbers
g. Edit Blacklist - edit the blacklist numbers
i. Default Tone - set default sms tone
j. Reset Counter - reset the sms sent counter

* individual sms tones for each contact
* blacklist sms from unknown numbers
* save chat to txt files
* group sending capability

Menu items:

1. Add Contact - add a new contact for your chat sms

2. Edit Chat - edit focused chat window
a. LastRcvd - paste last received text to the send input box
b. LastSent - paste last sent text to the send input box
c. Mark Start - mark the starting point of the chat window to be editted
d. Mark End - mark the ending point of the chat window to be editted. this will also automatically highlight and select the string of characters from the starting to the ending point you've selected.
e. Del Selected - delete the selected string of text
f. Paste Selected - paste the selected text to the send input box
g. Erase Chat - erase all the text in the specified window

3. Chat Files - this will show the .txt files saved using SMS Chat in the \Storage Card\Program Files\oldSAP\SMS Chat\ folder

4. Last Rcvd to Txt - automatically save the last received text in a .txt. the file name of the saved file will be the contact name of the sender.

5. Send to Group.. - send message to a group

6. Font - change the font size of the chat window textx. there are 2 choices 8pt and 10pt

7. Options
a. Block - block sms from numbers not in your contact list
b. Auto Save - automatically save the chat window (common window) in a .txt file. the file name will be the day's date
c. Individual Chat - if checked, sms from each contact will be shown in it's own chat window. if not, all sms will be shown in a common window.
d. Save Chat - save the current chat window in a .txt file with your own choice of filename.
e. Edit Group - edit the group name and group numbers for group sending.

8. Exit - close the SMS Chat application


* set your sms tone to "none"

* set default sms tone by navigating to:
HKCU\Software\SMS Chat\DefaultTone
and paste the full path of the wav tone you wish to use.

* set individual tones using SMS Tones.

* date format should be like this: 05-Feb-07. adjust by navigating to Start>Settings>Regional Settings>Short date style

QVGA WM5 Smartphone
NETCF v2.0



the SMS Chat free for your smartphone

» Comments

Tue10Apr at 12:02 am
JAKE wrote...
Mon7Apr at 12:07 pm
scorpion wrote...
mema love u 4ever u r king of world really i wish to be star lover mema from egyption from alexandria
Fri15Jan at 5:58 am
asss wrote...
jake, you have to copy the .cab file on your mobile phone and execute it with your mobile phone. when you open it on your pc it will always be a cab archive.
Sat15Jan at 12:40 am
noushad wrote...
Fri19Aug at 9:17 pm
Conyers wrote...
I really ndeeed to find this info, thank God!
Sat25Feb at 12:28 am
Amine wrote...
I like Neil's idea of a top-up kinda thing. It's be like cyniarrg around cash. You put 50? onto it, spend 5? and you should be able to see you have 45? left or something. No different than cyniarrg cash in your wallet. And if you loose your phone it's not like a major panic thing well, no more than it would be otherwise.
Fri10Aug at 12:38 am
uttam wrote...
this stupid thing hanged my phone never download angry



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