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» SMS Talk 1.0

Summary: SMS chatting application.

Arrived: 2003-12-07
Found under: Business, Fun, Communications

» SMS Talk 1.0 Description

This is a simple SMS chatting application based on an example from the book written by Douglas Boling. To install the application copy it to "/Storage/Windows/Start Menu/Accessories" directory and then start it from menu by using "Start, Accessories, SMSTalk". SMS messages exchanged with SMS Talk are not saved to inbox, and SMS Talk allows for quick exchange of messages - "chatting".

Just launch the SMS Talk in both smartphones and keep chatting!

the SMS Talk 1.0 free for your smartphone

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» Comments

Sat31Mar at 11:58 pm
tass wrote...
Thu3May at 11:22 am
reddy wrote...
free sms
Fri18May at 9:15 pm
firman wrote...
Sun27May at 9:30 am
benson wrote...
Sun30Sep at 5:18 am
Mariona wrote...
Wed31Oct at 12:48 am
fardin wrote...
Mon16Jun at 6:19 am
Khalid80 wrote...
very good
Thu14Aug at 9:44 am
ahmad wrote...
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Sat27Sep at 9:22 pm
sudhakar reddy wrote...
Tue7Oct at 4:25 pm
ayman.kaka wrote...
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Fri3Jul at 10:23 am
juniorr reid wrote...
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Sun13Jun at 5:05 am
wadoud wrote...
its very good
Sun13Jun at 5:12 am
bwadoud wrote...
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Fri8Apr at 1:28 am
ebrahim wrote...
sms talk
Mon6Jun at 5:13 am
tusa wrote...
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Tue19Jul at 2:19 am
tesfay wrote...
very nice
Tue8Nov at 6:19 am
gizea wrote...
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Sun5Feb at 7:32 am
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Fri11May at 6:22 pm
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