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» Sports Vehicle Lib for Mini-TransCanada 1.2a

Summary: Expand your vehicle fleet by Vehicle Library. Eight sports vehicles are right here!

Arrived: 2003-10-13
Found under: Hobbies, Sports, Sports

» Sports Vehicle Lib for Mini-TransCanada 1.2a Description

Sports Vehicle Library for Mini-TransCanada 1.2a (Smartphone)

General Information about pluggable vehicle libraries for Mini-TransCanada:

  • What it is for? Pluggable Vehicle Library allows you to add or remove additional vehicles conveniently by installing/uninstalling the vehicle library on the same computer.
  • Where to get it? The Vehicle Libraries are separate software, which is not bundled with Mini-TransCanada. You can download vehicle libraries in distributor websites.
  • How to install it? Simply run the installation program to install all files into the target device. It does not matter which software (Mini-TransCanada or Vehicle Library) you install first and where in the target device you install it.
  • How the game find new vehicles? Mini-TransCanada will find vehicle libraries by searching system registry, which means you do not need to do anything further after you install the vehicle library.
  • How to select new vehicles in the game? Switch Vehicle Library by clicking two arrow buttons beside the Vehicle Library Name in "Track / Vehicle Selecting Page" of Mini-TransCanada. Once you select the newly installed vehicle library, you will find the new vehicles appear in the 'Vehicle Preview Window'.
Additional note and declaration:
  • The sports vehicle library is only designed for Mini-TransCanada, which needs to be downloaded/purchased separately.
  • If the version of vehicle library and Mini-TransCanada are different, the vehicle library may not work properly, if this happen, install the vehicle library with the same version number as that of Mini-TransCanada.
  • The end user is not allowed to use the 3D vehicle models in this software for any purpose other than game-playing.
  • The 3D vehicle models in this software are originally designed by Geo-metricks and modified by OmniG Software Inc..
  • Any other use of this vehicle library is on user's own risk.

the Sports Vehicle Lib for Mini-TransCanada 1.2a free for your smartphone

Made by: OmniG Software Inc.

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Tue29Sep at 1:39 pm
domar wrote...
download a games
Sun14Aug at 4:59 pm
isaac wrote...
how to download?



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