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Summary: Panoramic three-dimensional audio on WM6

Windows Mobile 6 Standard

Arrived: 2008-01-09
Found under: srs, surround, driver, sound

» SRS WOW XT Description

New product markets are emerging that not only require improved audio performance but also have additional audio challenges specifically with small speaker drivers and closely spaced speakers. Products such as laptop computers, advanced mobile phones with stereo speakers, and even small stereo equipped speaker cradles for MP3 players each have stereo imaging and bass performance challenges.

SRS WOW XT, which is based on the company's SRS WOW technology, was developed specifically to address products designed with closely spaced speakers drivers. In addition to the features of SRS WOW, SRS WOW XT adds specialized versions of SRS 3D and TruBass to ensure a very wide stereo image and improved low frequency performance.

SRS WOW XT(tm) provides a panoramic three-dimensional audio image and improved low frequency performance through use of specific processing controls, expressly designed for small, closely spaced speakers drivers. SRS WOW XT provides a cost-effective, demonstrable audio improvement without the need for expensive hardware design changes.

the SRS WOW XT free for your smartphone

Made by: smartamazing

» Comments

Fri11Jan at 8:21 am
bigboy wrote...
this is really the thing for treo750 it works great for me i love loudness
Fri11Jan at 10:05 pm
blackjack2 wrote...
I've been looking for this for my new blackjack 2 but I don't know how to install it in. I downloaded the file and opened it. How do i install this .cab file? Usually when I download programs It has a setup program that does it for me. This one seems to be manual.
Thu17Jan at 11:16 am
bouchigo wrote...
blackjack2, You just have to copy over the .cab file into your phone, in the main directory, then install it as normal. After you install it, you have to reboot your phone for the changes to take effect. Those are the steps I followed and it worked.
Thu17Jan at 12:27 pm
bombom wrote...
very good
Thu17Jan at 12:28 pm
bombom wrote...
very good
Fri18Jan at 9:27 am
Joey Ofori wrote...
This doesnt work on the Pantech Duo!!!! Awww man!!!!
Fri18Jan at 10:15 am
Keith Richards wrote...
No '.cab' file shows up when I upzip the I missing something?
Wed23Jan at 5:21 pm
John wrote...
Gte it from this link:
Wed23Jan at 10:53 pm
sugen wrote...
Unable to launch it.. with "Error, no WOW XT driver found. The control panel will now ext""
Fri25Jan at 12:56 pm
Joey Ofori wrote...
^^I get the same thing!! I have the Pantech Duo
Mon28Jan at 1:03 pm
bouchigo wrote...
I mentioned this earlier, you MUST reboot the phone or else it will not work.
Wed30Jan at 6:13 am
sankar wrote...
Works superbly on my HTC S710....Thanks for such a wonderful tool
Thu14Feb at 3:38 am
Hattori_Hanzo wrote...
Thanks!!! It even works on my MPX200 :)
Thu28Feb at 11:51 pm
johnww wrote...
Unable to launch it.. with "Error, no WOW XT driver found. The control panel will now ext"" this is a pantech duo now i have no sound at all is there anyway to restore it back to the way it was???
Sat1Mar at 3:50 pm
ashwin wrote...
i'm getting a page with full of symbols and characters when i click the download link. i'm using a htc s710..... pls help......
Mon10Mar at 5:37 am
nobody wrote...
im not 100% but im pretty much sure there is a program u need that unzips .rar files. jus like u unzip a zip files and a folder opens and u can see the files. when u unzip this rar file a folder will open with the files in it. search online for it. not sure where to get one.
Sun16Mar at 12:06 pm
sthavorn wrote...
bouchigo, the .cab is winzip file type after download. Do I have change to different file type b4 copy over to bj2? Thanks
Mon17Mar at 6:45 am
stet wrote...
Ipaq says about 514 drivers not found then I restarted and no more 'party system, can help
Tue25Mar at 1:15 pm
Phed321 wrote...
ok so my blackjack II says that it was installed...then it says that it might not work because it was designed for an older version of windows mobile..............HELP PLEASE!
Thu8May at 5:27 am
armino wrote...
i have ipaq 500 voice messenger and installed the app and now i cant open my phone wtf this is bullshit
Tue13May at 9:58 am
allenXcorcist wrote...
This software is not intended for use on HP iPaq 500 series. No SRS driver was found in the Kernel. Therefore dont install it your warranty will void. I repeat, dont install it.
Thu12Jun at 9:43 am
QuiXilver wrote...
Awesome, didnt try rebooting. Works now :) Cheers
Fri4Jul at 1:02 am
vvelez wrote...
im having a problem installing it on my blackjack its popping up an error saying that there is no application associated with "srs wow 3d sound and bass.rar" what do i do?
Mon14Jul at 4:02 pm
jason_bjII wrote...
i love it! works well with my blackjack II! love the loudness!
Sat19Jul at 8:52 pm
jim Arrowood wrote...
Wed6Aug at 1:56 pm
Opel wrote...
It does not work on imate JAMA. Error message "No WOW XT driver found". Can anyone help me with this?? please revert asap. my email is
Mon11Aug at 10:45 pm
Christopher wrote...
Awesome Sauce,This app is Awesome sauce totally fixed my ringtone issues for my BlackJack II Thanks alot!
Tue26Aug at 3:59 pm
james wrote...
how did everyone change their ring tone volume? I tried different settings in the prog but nothing changed
Wed17Sep at 2:54 am
Todd wrote...
afk;asj f
Sat4Oct at 10:13 pm
Robert wrote...
It's good
Mon6Oct at 7:00 pm
karo wrote...
"I mentioned this earlier, you MUST reboot the phone or else it will not work." bro i restarted and now my fing mp3 dont play and no sound come out of the phone.
Fri10Oct at 1:50 am
John wrote...
DO NOT INSTALL this driver on Samsung SGH-i780. It will damage the sound and touchscreen drivers and force a hard reset.
Sun19Oct at 6:31 pm
toxic wrote...
This program works amazingly with the T-Mobile Dash. You get an amazing sound improvement with tihs small package and at almost no cost to your available ram.
Fri24Oct at 4:59 am
PPNair wrote...
I installed in ipaq 512. Now my phone does not work. HELP!!!
Fri31Oct at 6:38 pm
Jay5 wrote...
Hi, I cant see CAD files in my BJ2 with window 6.1. Any thoughts?
Fri28Nov at 5:18 pm
Eryk wrote...
Hey for people who like installing things direct on their phone but dont have a program that will open .rar files look for PocketRAR its free and works well for me.
Wed10Dec at 12:00 pm
dhamo wrote...
It does not work on htc touch dimond. Error message "No WOW XT driver found".the sound dose not come froom it ,player also dosen't work . Can anyone help me with this?? I want to install it at any cost. or suggest me other surround software.please revert asap. my email is
Sun14Dec at 12:38 am
rape wrote...
"No WOW XT driver found" fools, restart your phones
Thu25Dec at 3:33 am
Jonathan wrote...
Hey, if are a user iPAQ 510 series, You should shutdown the cellphone and unppluged the USB wire. So press the middle button (press continue) and the red button, so it show a menu if you wish to do a factory restore... Good Luck ! (sorry for my bad enlgish)
Thu15Jan at 8:48 pm
ShoeDiva wrote...
toxic I have a T-mobile Dash also but when I click download I get a page full of symbols and characters, what should I do?
Sun8Feb at 10:52 am
ravi wrote...
i have samsung i780. srs wow does not work on my phone. after installing cab file a massege apper on my screen " no srs wow driver found" and my phone dosent work properly unles get hard reset. what should i do?any one can help me? with warm regard ravi
Wed1Apr at 3:43 pm
Alex wrote...
I found a newer version:
Tue4Aug at 2:52 am
chris wrote...
i have blackjack2 installed and rebooted several times have no sound at all and it still saying driver not found please help thanks
Thu27Aug at 5:22 pm
Mzgreedii wrote...
Sounds great on my Dash
Tue8Sep at 10:18 am
Kamakashi wrote...
I have opend the rar file with windows mobile rar extracter and installed the program. I then restarted my LG Incite phone and I get No WOW XT driver found. The control panel will now exit. I've done many reinstalls and restarts and it say the same thing.
Fri6Nov at 11:45 am
vaibhav wrote...
Hey guys pls some one help me in installing these files i am new windows mobile......Pls help....
Thu19Nov at 6:45 pm
porfirio wrote...
I successfully installed the SRS WOW program & while I appreciate the graphic equalizer, I can't understand why the sound's volume hasn't increased. It's still really (really) low. Any helpful thoughts?
Wed17Mar at 5:00 pm
gina wrote...



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