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» TBexport contacts CSV

Summary: Export WM6 contacts to comma separated file (csv).

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Arrived: 2007-11-02
Found under: export, contact, csv, database, utilities, backup

» TBexport contacts CSV Description

Export WM6 contacts to comma separated file (csv). This application allows you to quickly export contacts from WM6 into a comma separated file (csv). This file can be used to easily import contacts to Mozilla Thunderbird 2 without modification or field matching. Provided as-is. Or used for any other .CSV reader !

the TBexport contacts CSV free for your smartphone

» Comments

Fri21Mar at 4:13 am
jacky wrote...
good wares
Sun13Apr at 7:16 pm
doh! wrote...
Doesn't work in my i600, says something is missing.
Wed23Apr at 10:48 am
Gapotter wrote...
Thank you! Microsoft really wears me out with how they encrypt and hide everything! Your great 'lil app was just what I needed!
Mon9Jun at 9:55 pm
anibal wrote...
I would like to test this application
Fri20Jun at 12:40 am
Janice wrote...
I added this to my phone as described in the readme file. However i got an error an the program would not start. My phone is a T-Mobile Dash... any ideas ?
Fri3Oct at 3:54 pm
kyle wrote...
Works fine with WM 5, cant be saved on the sim, just copy all to contacts using the SIM manager.
Thu23Oct at 3:32 am
Abeccc wrote...
you are a genius works perfectly on WM5 for me too. this saved me so much pain and suffering. why can there not be more of these simple straightforward and robust apps out there!!!!
Fri17Apr at 9:24 am
Thinker wrote...
Thanks very much. I was concerned that my contacts would be lost in the corporate system. This is awesome.
Fri1Jan at 11:02 am
neil wrote...
worked first time on my xda orbit. great little tool.
Thu13May at 6:18 am
spongebob wrote...
Great little app to enable easy contacts move through gmail to android. Thanks guys for making it easier to leave WM6
Thu23Dec at 5:10 pm
egal egal wrote...



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