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» Total Commander v2.5

Summary: Powerful file manager which will help you browse your staff plus zip/unzip functions and many more !

Smartphone 2002 and Smartphone 2003,
and Windows Mobile 5/6 based

Arrived: 2008-05-01
Found under: file, manager, zip, FTP

» Total Commander v2.5 Description

Powerful file manager which will help you browse your staff plus zip/unzip functions and many more !

  • Use phone keys as hotkeys
  • Copy, Move whole subdirs
  • Inplace rename, create dirs
  • Delete (no recycle bin)
  • Zip and unzip
  • properties dialog, change attributes
  • built-in text editor
  • search function (also for text)
  • select/unselect groups of files
  • Select with [Sel] button (not on all devices)
  • FTP client
  • Registry editor
  • Send/Receive via Infrared (OBEX)
  • brief, full and large icons mode
  • single or two file window mode
  • option to hide all files in ROM
  • directory hotlist as in Total Commander
  • directory history through dropdown list
  • tree view
  • configurable button bar
  • simple help function

the Total Commander v2.5 free for your smartphone

» Comments

Thu1May at 1:17 pm
relsass wrote...
Is the Total Commander v2.5 free for Windows Mobile Smartphone application useable on a Moto Q phone? I can not seem to get it to load? "Thanks"
Thu1May at 11:00 pm
Edmond Doeppe wrote...
Works great on my Q9m....No i-red of course but every thing else works great. Manbat
Fri18Jul at 8:02 am
riki_kurniawan wrote...
thank you
Thu31Jul at 4:36 am
milo wrote...
thank you
Sun3Aug at 3:12 am
david jesser wrote...
Sat6Sep at 7:48 am
Marco wrote...
Is there a FTP client as written? I cannot find it....
Sun7Sep at 7:49 pm
Guillaume wrote...
I am using a Motorola Q9h and this little application is working like a charm. Took me 5 minutes to know how it worked. The FTP feature is in the \\plugins folder at the root of the viewer. Enjoy.
Wed1Jul at 1:40 am
william wrote...
its good but i need for nokia 6600 too . Will it works on 6600 ? And i need any filemanager who can open auto provide me download link for auto start file manager for nokia 6600.
Sat21Nov at 8:10 pm
mymyt wrote...
very good
Sat3Sep at 1:25 am
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