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» US Constitution Pocket Directory Smartphone Database

Summary: What's the Preamble? What does the 5th Amendment say? Answer all your Constitution questions.

Arrived: 2004-03-25
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» US Constitution Pocket Directory Smartphone Database Description

Get answers to your Constitution questions!

Town Compass® presents the US Constitution Pocket Directory™ Database.

Useful information for every US Citizen, containing:

  • US Constitution, including Preamble, Article I (Legislative Branch), Article II (Presidency), Article III (Judiciary), Article IV (States), Article V (Amendment Process), Article VI (Legal Status), Article VII (Ratification), and Signers of the Constitution

  • Bill of Rights, including the 1st Amendment (Religion/Speech/Press/Assembly/Petition), 2nd Amendment (Right to Bear Arms), 3rd Amendment (Quartering of Troops), 4th Amendment (Search & Seizure), 5th Amendment (Grand Jury/Double Jeopardy/Self-Incrimination/Due Process), 6th Amendment (Criminal Prosecutions/Jury Trial/Right to Confront/Right to Counsel), 7th Amendment (Common Law Suits/Jury Trial), 8th Amendment (Excess Bail or Fines/Cruel & Unusual Punishment), 9th Amendment (Non-Enumerated Rights), and 10th Amendment (Rights Reserved to States)

  • Later Amendments, including Amendment Requirements, the 11th Amendment (Suits Against a State), 12th Amendment (Election of President & Vice President), 13th Amendment (Abolition of Slavery), 14th Amendment (Privileges & Immunities/Due Process/Equal Protection/Apportionment of Representatives/Civil War Disqualification/Debt), 15th Amendment (Racial Right to Vote), 16th Amendment (Income Tax), 17th Amendment (Election of Senators), 18th Amendment (Prohibition), 19th Amendment (Women's Right to Vote), 20th Amendment (Presidential Term & Succession), 21st Amendment (Repeal of Prohibition), 22nd Amendment (Presidential Term Limits), 23rd Amendment (District of Columbia Representation), 24th Amendment (Poll Tax), 25th Amendment (Presidential Succession), 26th Amendment (Age 18 Right to Vote), 27th Amendment (Congressional Compensation)
Organized in a three-layer subject hierarchy and in an index in remarkably small files, so navigation on your handheld is fast and easy.

the US Constitution Pocket Directory Smartphone Database free for your smartphone

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Fri6Mar at 8:37 am
rgso wrote...
It is a trial version...not a freeware.



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