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» Venturi VClient for Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone

Summary: Venturi VClient 3.1 for Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphone delivers up to 7X faster speed while Web browsing, sending/receiving email and files, or accessing business applications.

Arrived: 2005-07-25
Found under: venturi, vclient, windows, mobile, 2003, smartphone

» Venturi VClient for Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone Description

With the latest Venturi VClient 3.1 installed on Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphone, you can experience significant improvements in the speed and reliability of your data applications. Consumers and business users can browse the Web, send and receive emails, view videos, download music files, and access critical business applications as much as seven times faster when compared to standard wireless speeds. Beyond faster speeds, the VClient also enhances the user experience by maintaining wireless data connections in poor coverage areas where connection time-outs frequently occur and data sessions are often dropped. Venturi VClient 3.1 offers remarkably simple installation, management and usability. The software can be downloaded from the Web and installed quickly on your device.

the Venturi VClient for Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone free for your smartphone

» Comments

Thu20Mar at 2:00 am
shodipr wrote...
Sun1May at 5:15 am
adeyemi wrote...
kool stuff
Fri23Mar at 2:59 am
Rainer wrote...
‘Smartphone’ is now an outdated term, often used in the past by those who oiiarnglly used a separate PDA and phone. very true Austin. There was a time when the term samrtphone had meaning, but presently it is vague as every device has somehow a bit of smart built in. So Shaun instead of trying to get a definition that we get us nowhere, why not try and come up with a new word for the present devices?
Mon23Jul at 7:36 pm
Troy wrote...
hello.I'm portuguese, so my inligsh is not very good.i have conected my pda to my desktop, it has isntald the program, and i cood use the the second time i had conected my computer does not open WMDC.what can i do to solve this problam??Thankyou for your time
Sun28Oct at 11:45 am
Azhar wrote...
in my opinion the iPhone makes tccuhsoreens popular. Okay Windows was first but when the iPhone and iTouch came tccuhsoreens become more n more popular just like a hype.
Wed31Oct at 11:58 pm
Enrrique wrote...
You have the mnooolpy on useful information-aren't monopolies illegal? ;)



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