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» Vieka WordPad 2.9

Summary: Vieka WordPad, a customizable WordPad for Smartphone.

Arrived: 2004-09-18
Found under: Word, Notetaking, Utilities

» Vieka WordPad 2.9 Description

Vieka WordPad, a customizable WordPad for Smartphone.

Small yet feature-rich, Vieka WordPad provides:

  • A complete wordpad for editing text file on your Smartphone.
  • Open/Save/Save As any text files anywhere on your Smartphone.
  • Simple file management functions such as New Folder/Rename/Delete.
  • Edit functions that you are familiar with, such as Cut/Copy/Paste/Undo/Select/Select All/Clear All.
  • Search functions that you are accustomed to, such as Find/Replace/Replace All.
  • Font change and Word Wrap for easy viewing.
  • Go To function for fast location.
  • Customizable elements for quick phrase editing.
  • Customizable templates for preset template editing.
  • Customizable attributes for additional template editing.
  • HTML 4.0 templates for rapid HTML editing.

For more information, please visit

the Vieka WordPad 2.9 free for your smartphone

Made by: Vieka

» Comments

Sun29Apr at 9:56 pm
Earl wrote...
This file showed up as an invalid file on my T-mobile dash
Tue24Jul at 11:21 pm
firman wrote... ice cooool man.....!
Sun30Sep at 10:21 pm
Sheri wrote...
Works great on my Q. Has lots of great features but navigating to find .txt files is bad.
Tue5Aug at 8:18 am
joel wrote...
looks so awsome
Fri29Aug at 12:43 pm
sureshvv wrote...
the file size limit seems to be less than 200K.
Sat29Nov at 9:40 am
dlkj wrote...
Used on Moto Q9h after a while, the right key didn't work during editing. (worked in menu mode though) Then later, all keys didn't work. And the 'about' box seemed to have some 'key code' so is this shareware?
Sun30Nov at 10:48 am
dlkj wrote...
it seems to be the editing locks up with large text files. Many other text editors seem to have similar issues. It must be the underlying text edit control they use
Thu6Jan at 2:52 am
sunil reddy wrote...
i love this



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