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» WeatherBug Direct

Summary: The power of WeatherBug, on your Today Screen! Customizable weather forecasts.

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Arrived: 2008-09-22
Found under: weather, forecast, temperature, alerts

» WeatherBug Direct Description

Take the power of WeatherBug, on your Today Screen!

Updated version is ready for download !

Live, local forecasts on your home screen, for free!

Easy access to WeatherBug's mobile website for detailed weather conditions.

the WeatherBug Direct free for your smartphone

» Comments

Mon22Sep at 8:32 am
tapan kapadia wrote...
it doesnt work on moto q
Tue23Sep at 4:07 am
Lori wrote...
It doesen't work on the blackjack II either.
Wed24Sep at 10:45 pm
Asus P750 User wrote...
Doesn´t work on my ASUS P750 :-(
Thu25Sep at 8:02 pm
Michael wrote...
It works fine on the Q. It probably works on the others too. What I discovered is that you need to install it on the device and not your storage card for it to work.
Sat27Sep at 9:38 pm
Nathan wrote...
I can get the smartphone unit to install on my palm treo 750 however I can only get the settings to launch there is no way to launch the actual program. Either in the today area or programs folder under /direct. The PPC version won't even load any tips?
Fri3Oct at 5:10 am
odyn_n wrote...
It works fine on HTC S710!
Sun12Oct at 7:08 am
mynameisHaas wrote...
works good on my palm treo 500. i test if the information is correct and it is working very good. Also de auto-update is working without any problems
Thu30Oct at 1:48 pm
Mani wrote...
Lets see.
Thu27Nov at 11:25 am
guddu wrote...
Thu19Feb at 12:15 am
someoneknows wrote...
yo! I just wanna say weatherbug is where its weather up to the min in my location..and trust u me here in minnesota u need it....lmao...thanx
Sun1Mar at 9:25 am
J.Martins wrote...
Works fine on I Mate Ultimate 9502 W.M. 6.1 The only thing is, some locations are not available.
Mon9Mar at 10:13 pm
Dave wrote...
is there any way to make it take up LESS space on the today screen.. I would like it to only be ONE line not 2 or 3
Fri10Apr at 10:18 pm
Ricky wrote...
how do you even get the app to your phone???? i need directions to do im not smart
Tue23Jun at 7:35 am
poppy wrote...
i've installed it, it changed everything in my home screen to Weather Bug, but it doesnt show the weather....why????
Sun12Jul at 1:57 pm
waqas wrote...
this is a best software
Fri21Aug at 10:29 am
Tracey wrote...
Works great on my Blackjack II... very helpful thanks!
Tue29Sep at 9:21 am
stkose wrote...
I'm using samsung B7320 omnia pro works great.Installed in device.
Wed8Dec at 10:36 pm
sergioalima wrote...
direito livre
Wed8Aug at 12:46 pm
sanjay rawat wrote...



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