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» Windows Mobile 7 Theme

Summary: This theme is based on the Windows Mobile 7 theme.

Windows Mobile Smartphone 5 / 6

Arrived: 2008-03-06
Found under: theme, windows, mobile, 7

» Windows Mobile 7 Theme Description

To display this theme properly you need to install the following today screen plugins:



You will need to register MadBeetle, Smartmonitor is free. The theme is attached as a .cab file for easy installation.

For those needing the SmartToolkit theme, it's included in the theme cab. The cab will create the WM7 folder under Program Files/SmartToolkit/skins and dump the required files into that directory. All you have to do after that is go to Appearance, in SmartToolKit and change the theme.

the Windows Mobile 7 Theme free for your smartphone

» Comments

Thu6Mar at 9:20 pm
xscionB wrote...
i can't get the zip file to open?!?!?!? wtf?!?!?!
Thu6Mar at 9:42 pm
Kimberly wrote...
don't know haven't used it.
Fri7Mar at 1:34 am
tapan kapadia wrote...
can you pls tell me how to install this theme as i am trying to open archive but not able to so pls help meout thank you
Fri7Mar at 3:10 am
Smartphone Freeware wrote...
The download archive is fixed now !!! Please redownload !
Mon10Mar at 2:51 am
hightower_jared wrote...
what process do i use to download it on my phone??
Mon10Mar at 9:01 am
jesusguevarautomotriz wrote...
Se deben instalar estos dos programas antes de instalar el tema: 1. MadBeetle es de pago y sirve para que este tema muestre el relog. 2. El Smart Monitor sirve para que el tema muestre el estado de la bateria, la señal, temperatura y memoria. Pero a mi no me funciono, se instala pero no aparece ningun accesso a el ni siquiera aparece su carpeta en archivos del programa. Asi que este tema practicamente no funciona.
Mon10Mar at 9:07 am
jesusguevarautomotriz wrote...
Lo anterior fue en mi HTC Excalibur S620 Movistar Venezuela a.k.a. Tmobile Dash
Mon10Mar at 4:18 pm
Rick Salazar wrote...
I installed this on a T-Mobile Dash, worked great, it's a great look, though I saw no reason to have a digital and analog clock so I uninstalled smart beattle.
Wed12Mar at 12:41 pm
garthb wrote...
It locks up my MotoQ without fail. Hard Reset required!! >:~(
Fri14Mar at 12:52 am
diablo_escarlata wrote...
It is not true about the t-mobile dash. The software works great, just copy the cab files to somewhere in the phone, either memory card or main memory, do what just says, and then go to homescrean in settings and choose the WM7 file, and that's it.
Fri14Mar at 2:44 am
hero wrote...
let me chck
Fri14Mar at 4:12 pm
holiday wrote...
Locked my Moto Q up bad!!! Took 2 hours of pulling the battery and navigating the menus fast enough to get the whole thing removed before it worked right again. DO NOT INSTALL ON MOTO Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sat15Mar at 6:58 pm
hesham wrote...
Sat15Mar at 9:57 pm
Henrique wrote...
GOOD!!! I Recommend!!!, Grade 10...
Sat15Mar at 10:01 pm
Henrique_2 wrote...
Look, on i321N (Samsung BlackJack"Brazilian") It works very well... but to Shut Down the mobile I need to close the aplicative...
Sun16Mar at 1:14 am
KarstenJ wrote...
In response to "garthb wrote... It locks up my MotoQ without fail. Hard Reset required!! >:~(" (This is also for anyone having the same issue) ------------------- Apparently the smartmonitor downloaded from here is what causes the phone to lock up. To get one that works you can go to Hope this helps
Wed19Mar at 1:06 pm
Violet wrote...
How do i get the correct weather, where is the setting for this on the q
Thu20Mar at 3:57 pm
David wrote...
I copied the cab files to the memory card and now what?
Sat22Mar at 2:33 pm
Madbeetle wrote...
Please note that this theme was not created by Madbeetle. For the offical plugin page and themes please see our web site.
Sat22Mar at 8:10 pm
Kurt wrote...
this is great, however i'd like the temp to be shown in C instead of F. Can someone help me?
Sun23Mar at 9:30 pm
farid wrote...
ok its very good
Mon24Mar at 2:46 pm
Derrall wrote...
Need activation code
Tue25Mar at 10:45 am
shapan wrote...
Wed26Mar at 8:15 pm
eric wrote...
Yeah where is the activation code, it was supposed to be free?
Thu3Apr at 8:04 pm
Scott Parker wrote...
Hey i downloaded the madbeetle program, then the actual wm6 file now what? plz help?
Fri4Apr at 3:48 am
juvy wrote...
its asking for the activation code..where to i get one...please advice
Fri4Apr at 4:06 am
juvy wrote...
its suppose to be free...wheres the activation code..please do post it or send it via email
Sat5Apr at 10:41 pm
anthony wrote...
hey does anyone know the activation code plz help
Tue8Apr at 4:59 am
karan adhikari wrote...
Its Good let me try it
Thu10Apr at 12:15 am
Jaywalker wrote...
It very good for my smartphone...ti's work on ASUS M530W...
Sat12Apr at 10:32 pm
Rogério wrote...
On my MOTO Q has worked ok!! (without analog clock). I installed the SmartMonitor from and after the theme. Moto Q is running ok!!!
Fri18Apr at 12:27 am
Gizmo wrote...
I definitely like the look and the feel and it operates well. Just wonder if rick salazar was able to get the big black blob of the screen where the clock should go when uninstalled!
Tue22Apr at 7:36 pm
RonG wrote...
I tried to install this for my T-Mo Shadow and while the applications themselves work REALLY well, I can't get my homescreen to look like the one shown up top. I'm not sure if I'm just doing something wrong, or if the software isn't compatible. Any help is appreciated!!
Wed23Apr at 7:56 pm
brandon wrote...
what's the activation code..... and plus I don't downloaded the wm7 theme how do I get it work.... I the the MDA please help can anyone email me and tell me how to get this to work on my phone
Thu8May at 4:13 pm
victor wrote...
what is the activation code!!!! email me
Mon19May at 9:48 am
nikyle wrote...
try pointUI. it's really a great theme. awesome graphics and animation. great on my motoq9h
Sat24May at 7:16 am
yosef wrote...
cool... thanks
Sat31May at 7:50 pm
alli wrote...
looks great, like others, what is the activation code, please email it to me.
Tue3Jun at 4:19 pm
Paul wrote...
Whats the activation number?
Wed11Jun at 8:57 am
Gazza wrote...
Installed everything required...Smarttoolkit, Smartmonitor and the WM7 theme only to find that touch screen devices are not supported by smarttoolkit. What a waste of time, why not state this in the 1st place...Anyone else have the same problem?
Sun22Jun at 7:49 am
brett wrote...
imo...replace the analog clock with your upcomming apointments other than that, i think its great
Wed25Jun at 7:02 pm
Brent wrote...
Cool, but needs a few tweaks. How do you change the temp settings? (I know it's not 23 F in Texas Summer), and can't see the appointments. Good Start, though.
Mon7Jul at 3:42 pm
Tbone wrote...
hey, email me the activation code
Tue8Jul at 1:58 pm
JAZ wrote...
Has anyone tried this theme on T-Mobile Shadow or HTC Juno?
Thu10Jul at 4:31 am
kaizad mistry wrote...
how do i load it oon the phone please help
Thu10Jul at 2:19 pm
jotf wrote...
anybody have an activation code yet?
Sat12Jul at 4:55 pm
DanQ9c wrote...
Installed on my MotoQ9c and it's awesome. No problems at all. You have to go to and pay $4.95 for an activation code though. And, no, I'm not giving it out to anyone sorry!
Thu17Jul at 8:41 am
William wrote...
I tried to install the application but Ii doesn't look like this pictures. may you please describe de installation steps and how to configure it to look just like this. Thanks
Mon21Jul at 9:31 am
cheerio wrote...
looks great but the calander doesnt work
Thu31Jul at 4:57 am
milo wrote...
Sun3Aug at 8:25 pm
Eric wrote...
Everything works great on my MOTO Q but how do you get the temp gauge to work?
Tue12Aug at 2:26 pm
ak-47 wrote...
Bad i have batter smartphone theme on
Mon25Aug at 12:37 pm
niraj wrote...
i wan a buy a theme
Tue9Sep at 8:51 pm
teri wrote...
I need a activation code please email me
Tue9Sep at 9:17 pm
teri wrote...
activation code needed please email me
Mon29Sep at 11:15 am
Ason wrote...
I downloaded the MBClockPlug_SP4.CAB, SmartMonitor-0-9-6-0.CAB and and installed it, but i dont see anything at all. Cant choose this theme in today settings or anywhere. What a bogus. I have a HTC Diamond
Tue14Oct at 6:29 pm
Jack wrote...
I like it
Fri17Oct at 3:27 pm
medo wrote...
Sat1Nov at 4:52 pm
toxiz777 wrote...
activation code on
Wed12Nov at 9:50 pm
tommy wrote...
Sat15Nov at 7:25 pm
presm wrote...
activation code pls??!
Sat22Nov at 10:31 am
marcelo wrote...
definitivamente no se pudo descargar. desde un HTC VOX en colombia
Tue2Dec at 12:54 am
mike wrote...
Tue9Dec at 4:11 am
mohamed wrote...
goode theme thank you very much
Tue13Jan at 8:06 am
Santosh Kumar wrote...
How to setup in my mobile & activation code.
Sat31Jan at 1:25 am
Ashok wrote...
For people who are asking how to install it: It is very simple and easy. If the file extension is .cab, follow the steps given below: 1. Click Start > Programs > File Explorer 2. Go to My Device > Windows 3. Paste the file which has .cab extension. 4. To choose a new theme, Go to Start > Settings > Today ---> and choose the theme you just installed
Sun1Mar at 5:25 pm
Paul wrote...
Microsoft front labeled rara HTC S621 @ 274Mhz Running windows mobile 6.1 CE 055.2.19700 Final Specs: on this windows mobile 7 interface for Smartphone. Over all does work but the maker never posted instructions to acivate the time clock so it will always say just dont install the beatles program besides that this is perfect on the S621s matching blue keyboard, this is a really nice interface just install the two programs forget about the clock app u cant activate if anyone knows where to get info to activate the clock post it here thanks. Toronto ON, Canada
Mon16Mar at 4:36 pm
David wrote...
Dear Rick Salazar, I also have a T-Mobile Dash and i would like to install this software. What exactly are the steps that you took? I can't seem to figure this out. Your Help would be much appreciated. Thanks
Wed15Apr at 10:41 am
pbpb wrote...
goode theme thank you very much
Mon15Jun at 10:20 am
user friendly website for mobile software world
Tue4Aug at 10:42 am
jcohnz wrote...
i tried 2 use this themes a lot but i'cant find .tsk, im using htc touch which is a window mobile 6.0 & im woundering if this themes does'nt support my fon can anyone please tell me wether i'll b able 2 use it or not? if yes please please please please tell me to use it my e-mail is waiting for ur reply
Thu19Nov at 2:53 am
manoj wrote...
i can't get the zip file to open?!?!?!?
Thu19Nov at 6:16 pm
Vern wrote...
The theme is displaying properly however SmartMonitor is not displaying my battery gauge properly. It's saying 0% but my battery is full.
Fri20Nov at 2:43 pm
olga wrote...
thanks! this rocks! I wonder if the colors can be changed..
Thu3Dec at 8:17 am
Emptyless wrote...
this is just the worst case of themes, when you want a theme of windows mobile 7 (it isn;t even released yet, those are just beta's) go to XDA-developers and watch roms at your windows mobile device. those are the REAL ONE
Fri18Dec at 8:11 pm
Adji wrote...
thanks....a lot...From Indonesia
Sat26Dec at 12:05 pm
sumit wrote...
thanks buddy..
Fri12Feb at 12:20 am
johnny wrote...
i need the activation code help plezzzzz
Tue30Mar at 9:36 am
Paul wrote...
Where to i get the activation code so i could activate the window mobile 7 theme on my samsung code.
Fri9Apr at 1:40 am
romeo wrote...
sul mio htc snap si installa ma non compaiono le lancette dell'orologio, i caratteri sono troppo piccoli, e l'ultima fila di icone è messa male. peccato perche era molto bello.
Tue20Apr at 3:45 pm
newyby wrote...
hey does this work on palm treo 750??
Mon10May at 10:35 pm
Kumani wrote...
is there a way 2 use the FULL version? i can't get past the activation code.
Tue8Jun at 2:23 pm
kane wrote...
for all of those people that can tget the zip file to open is becuase its not a .zip file its a .cab and thats the theme itself. all you do is throw the .cab onto your device and then go to file explorer and click and install it
Mon5Jul at 11:07 am
hector alfaro wrote...
what of code
Wed6Oct at 8:48 am
Adam wrote...
can someone please send me the activaton code for the motorola q everything is set but the code i need...thank your
Fri28Jan at 1:18 am
mayur wrote...
motoq9h smart phone theme pls send via sms my no is 8000242730
Wed27Apr at 4:39 am
soni wrote...
i want
Tue3May at 6:34 am
justin wrote...
whats the damn activation code
Thu26May at 2:40 pm
Alfred wrote...
need the code please help.
Mon18Jul at 9:00 am
Djole wrote...
How to set it up on windows mobile 6.1, on samsung i900 omnia??? Please help :)
Thu6Oct at 10:15 am
jean pierre maxime wrote...
Wed25Jan at 11:54 pm
juan hernadez wrote...
Cargar fotos
Thu23Feb at 12:10 pm
Rezk wrote...
Hi,I'm tyring to do a mobile application based on php mysql with a login form, a list form, an add form, and an edit form. I'm looking for script example to do this. I'm able to connect to my db without a login form. I saw your small app and it could help me if you share me your code.Thanks,Alain
Sun25Mar at 5:42 pm
Rusbelshito wrote...
Great job, I just love this theme! After hours and hours of searching for the right theme for my new witsebe, today I found The One.But I have a problem. I saw that if I post more articles, it shows all of them in the slider and that`s annoying. What shall I do to fix this `error`?



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