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» WM5 Task Manager

Summary: Free task manager for windows mobile 5, very nice interface and easy to use and navigate....

Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone

Arrived: 2007-04-08
Found under: task, manager, utilities

» WM5 Task Manager Description

Free task manager for windows mobile 5, very nice interface and easy to use and navigate.

the WM5 Task Manager free for your smartphone

» Comments

Fri13Apr at 5:49 pm
marko9006 wrote...
volim te
Sun15Apr at 4:26 am
editya hastawidha wrote...
let's me try this software
Tue1May at 4:44 am
steph wrote...
how can we install it??
Thu3May at 1:02 pm
sheitan1234 wrote...
copy the .CAB file to your device and start it from there thru file explorer !
Thu10May at 10:58 am
steph wrote...
off course but there is no .cab in the package!
Sun17Jun at 6:02 am
pino wrote...
Tue19Jun at 3:51 am
Fotis wrote...
lets try it
Wed11Jul at 5:53 am
maki wrote...
Sat14Jul at 12:59 am
wesx wrote...
no prosess kills work on my blackjack .. app crashes
Mon6Aug at 8:02 am
Daniel wrote...
Wed29Aug at 7:31 pm
Brian wrote...
Can this be updated to work better with landscape screens (i.e. Motorola Q)? Otherwise, this app rocks.
Tue25Sep at 7:02 pm
nick wrote...
i get an error "this application requires a newer versionof the compact framework than the version installed on this device' invalid program exception i just bought my wm5 smartphone so whats the deal
Tue25Sep at 9:44 pm
jeff wrote...
i get the same error, saying wm5tasman.exe is an invalidprogramexception is this because i have the updated framework? using moto q silver, thanks in advance
Tue25Sep at 10:30 pm
jeff wrote...
Please download and install netcf 2.0 from here 5 15 6b-35 6b-4a2c-85 7c-e62f5 0ae9a5 5 &displaylang=en this will fix your problem nick, if you have the moto q smart phone, i just got it to work on mine its great :)
Fri18Jan at 3:38 am
rahmath wrote...
please send me all softwares for nokia6260
Fri25Jan at 5:21 am
adam wrote...
try celetask better - its much more useful
Sat8Mar at 2:20 pm
ammad wrote...
it think my search goes end
Tue11Mar at 10:46 am
prakash wrote...
let me try and see
Thu15May at 3:02 pm
André Kursch wrote...
Sun22Mar at 7:30 pm
FeRHaD wrote...
The requested URL /WM5TaskMan_setup.CAB was not found on this server.
Mon20Jul at 2:20 pm
Cecep Rustama wrote...
for Dopod 595
Tue18Jan at 7:57 pm
brent wrote...
Wed31Oct at 1:37 pm
Mara wrote...
Edgar try uninstalling it from Start > Settings > More > Remove Programs and fnndiig it in the list.If that doesn't work you can sync your phone to your computer and in Activesync or Windows Mobile Device Center select the Add/Remove Programs option and find it there.
Tue4Dec at 3:09 am
Yogi wrote...
The most memorable caeshrs (not involving me) were by a guy I know named Dave. Dave grew up rich and was endlessly indulged by his parents: No matter what he did, no matter what shit he pulled he was never punished or held accountable in any way. Needless to say he was an obnoxious bastard but he did teach me everything I needed to know about schadenfreude.



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