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» Women's Latest Cosmetic Surgery (WMV) 1

Summary: Find out what is the latest cosmetic surgery for women. You will be surprised!

Arrived: 2006-03-01
Found under: Movies

» Women's Latest Cosmetic Surgery (WMV) 1 Description

Find out what is the latest cosmetic surgery for women. You will be surprised!

the Women's Latest Cosmetic Surgery (WMV) 1 free for your smartphone

Made by: Mobideos, Inc.

» Comments

Wed31Oct at 10:56 am
Anton wrote...
Lipsuction is yikes ..Im 16 and I can tell you that somthing like that just isnt going to cut it . you do it..but if you get it done and turn aruond and start living the way you have been your going to gain the weight back .My advice to you is. DontInstead STOP DIETINGdieting isnt the answer, change the way you live and youll be healthy and fit for life.Start with your eating habits.For breafkast you can have things like a whole egg, oatmeal,melon,bananas,grapes,orange juice,milk,water,whole wheat toast,omelet,healthy cereals,skim millk ummmmmmmm some times ..oyou can go for a whole wheat bagel. with some fruit on top?snacks (dont go more than a few hours without have to keep your metabolism going) (have one in the morning..and one between lunch and dinner )you can have fruits any fruit apples,oranges,pears,bananas,gra… wild with fruit:draw veggies make great snacks..get a light or fat free dressing and eat it with carrots and celery or brocolli (eat them for awhile and you begin to like them..I used to hate celery..but I started eating it with a lot of ranch..then with less I like it plain )um..yogurt yogurt is great.(some have as little as 80 cals..some have 190-260..)penut butter is heatlhy..but you need to limit it (2 tablespoons get out a measure and see how much that is.. have 190 cals. but its a great source of protien)meat go for lean me most of the time..and a little bit of red meat lean chicken lean ham slices make great lunch meat Dont be fooled by the or natural always check the calories and nutrition facts on the back half the time they are tricks eat LOTS of veggies and fruit dont limit them. but most rEASONABLE.. dont starve yourself or force yourself never to eat a bad food .have a peice of chocolote every few days or eat pizza when you go out with friends but eat mostly healthy foods..its a routine .if you eat healthy food 90% of your life do you really think it will matter if you pig out on pizza every couple of weeks? Im forgetting somthing ..oh yea, water .you would not believe how big a deal this is tricks to get alot of water in are..drink two glasses right when you wake up(or before breakfast..whenever) cause your body is dehydrated from sleeping so long. then always drink a glass of water before you eat a meal..and one during the meal if you canSoda is a killer it just isnt worth it..there isnt a healthy thing in it If you can..I would drop it completely..but some people like it alotdont go for diet soda to many additives..just drink regular soda ONCE in a while Wow that was a mouthful. Just get regular excercise .If I were you I would skip the can really mess up teens. But you can run,swim,walk,jog,jumprope at home ,do sports ect ect just get some excercize every a "reasonable" amount of food..and get plenty of water and youll start loosing weight and feeling better in no time.Good luck..



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