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» WorldMate

Summary: Get MobiMate WorldMate - The Swiss Army Knife of Mobile Travel

Windows Mobile Smartphone

Arrived: 2007-12-20
Found under: travel, clocks, forecast, currency, converter

» WorldMate Description

WorldMate travel software for Windows Mobile provides you with critical travel information when you need it the most. Get WorldMate for Windows Mobile free of charge.

WorldMate for Windows Mobile Professional Pocket PC provides a critical cross-section of travel services to business travelers at no cost, empowering them with comprehensive resources that provide more control when on the go. The application was also developed with new, enhanced graphics and a higher-quality user interface for improved ease-of-use. An ‘invite a friend’ feature was also integrated to facilitate the sharing of free downloads of the WorldMate application between co-workers and friends.

World Clocks

View 5 multiple world clocks featuring full time-zone coverage and automatic daylight savings time (DST) calculations.

Global Weather Forecasts

5-day forecasts provided for over 58,000 locations worldwide. Updated 4 times a day with accurate weather information wherever you are.

Currency Converter and Exchange Rate Service

An advanced currency converter coupled with an online exchange rate service. Supports 3 currencies concurrently, with rates provided for over 160 currencies. Includes an easy-to-use summation and side-by-side comparison features.

Clothing Size Converter

Clothing size conversion tables across 4 regions (US, UK, EU and Japan) and 6 clothing categories. Highly usable, they'll facilitate effective shopping abroad.

Size and Measurement Converters

A handy global conversion tool, the Size and Measurement Converters facilitate conversion of lengths, distances, weights, volumes, temperatures and pressure. Fast and accurate.

World Day/ Night Map

View current day/ night conditions on a dazzling world map. Includes a city locator and world clock display.

Tip Tax Calculator

Including tax & tip information for over 30 countries and across 7 service categories – from restaurants to taxis, the Global Tax and Tip calculator will help you figure out the bill, and prevent awkward situations.

the WorldMate free for your smartphone

Made by: MobiMate

» Comments

Fri21Dec at 4:27 am
aqeem wrote...
Sat29Dec at 8:25 pm
zaki wrote...
have an update for the weather from each country sepratly.
Wed16Jan at 12:34 pm
geraldine Z. Isaac wrote...
hope its good
Wed6Feb at 4:40 am
Tumi wrote...
Hello! can you plz inform me about clock software for htc s310
Wed27Feb at 3:30 am
Kamal wrote...
Sun4May at 11:30 pm
Tamra King wrote...
trying to download now
Sat17May at 4:04 pm
Samir wrote...
Great program, that works on my HTC 710
Sun15Jun at 7:27 am
Kiran wrote...
blah blah
Sun15Jun at 7:59 pm
Kiran wrote...
Fri25Jul at 12:12 am
penny bapadopoulou wrote...
i'll try it first!
Sat16May at 10:46 am
Caxaporra wrote...
Just what i was looking for. the currency converter is great for travelers.
Wed28Sep at 10:20 pm
Roby wrote...
Full of salient piotns. Don't stop believing or writing!
Tue4Dec at 3:41 am
Sahilkahlon wrote...
Have just downloaded currceny converter. I am a novice..I can't seem to find any freeware that displays several time zones for different countries.Also.. this is so wierd that Blackberry does.nt do this.When I want to schedule an appointment for meeting or call, I have to type it in. There is no way that I can go to my address book and have the option to schedule appointment with name from address book .Thanks,Michael



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