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» LOVEcalc
LOVEcalc calculates your relationship chance according to your and your partner's name....
Arrived: 2007-04-15
Found under: utiliteis, love, calculator
» MortgageCALC v1.5
With advanced analytical functions MortgageCALC for Windows Mobile is the standout Loan Calculator for the property or finance professional.
Arrived: 2008-10-30
Found under: money, mortgage, calculator, utilities, manager, loan
» Orneta Calculator
Free calculator for Smartphone. Also includes scientific functions like square root, cube root, SIN, COS, etc....
Arrived: 2006-07-19
Found under: calculator, utilities
» Percentage Calc
A simple browser-based percentage calculator - What is A% of B?, A is what percent of B? Thanks to GPCarreon for suggesting this app....
Arrived: 2006-07-19
Found under: calculator, percentage, utilities
» PM Calc
A simple but efficient freeware calculator for your smartphone...
Arrived: 2006-06-23
Found under: calculator, utilities
» Pocket Tipper Smartphone Edition v1.0
This application will assist you in your daily Lunch and Dinner outings. It can calculate exact Tip and Split amount for you and your guest. Features include: Place, Total Cost, Number of guests, ...
Arrived: 2007-07-12
Found under: calculator, Business
» Pregnancy Calc
Computes the EDC (Expected Date of Conception), AOG (Age of Gestation) and Pregnancy Stage based on a given 1st day of LMP (Last Menstrual Period)....
Arrived: 2006-07-19
Found under: woman, birth, pregnancy, calculator
» RayRPN calculator
Smartphone version of Ray's Reverse-Polish-Notation (RPN) Calculator. Note: RPN calculators don't have an '=' button, they have 'Enter' instead! This format allows you to enter complex expressions ...
Arrived: 2007-06-10
Found under: calculator, rpn
» RJV DateCalc 1.0
RJV DateCalc is a free Date Calculator for Smartphone 2003 developed using Visual Basic.Net. It has the following functions: 1. +/- Days: Add or minus x day(s) from now and check what day it wa...
Arrived: 2006-07-12
Found under: calculators, date
» SCalc 1.0.2101
Calculator SCalc keeps history of your calculations in Decimal, Hexadecimal, and Binary system, works with Degrees and Radians, has wide range of operators and functions. For FREE.
Arrived: 2005-10-02
Found under: Computer, Finance, Calculators

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