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» WM5torage v1.9
This program will export the flash memory card inside the smartphone as usual USB Mass Storage device
Arrived: 2009-04-29
Found under: utilities, memory, usb, storage, card,
» Kanji learn
Kanji flashcards learning tool with will help you remember the Chinese Characters.
Arrived: 2008-05-29
Found under: learn, kanji, flashcard, language, translation
» LightCommunicator
LightCommunicator makes your device's screen blink in a particular style.
Arrived: 2007-12-13
Found under: screen, blink, torch, light, car
» Car Manager v1.00
An utility to monitor your Car Fuel Consume, Oil Change and other things comming soon.
Arrived: 2007-09-25
Found under: car, manager, database, utilities
» Shisen-Sho game for smartphone
This is the classic Shisen-Sho japanese game, similar to Mahjongg game, ported from the Linux KDE project's kshisen program (package kdegames) to Windows Mobile 5.0 for smartphone and Pocket PC 2003 ,...
Arrived: 2007-03-12
Found under: Shisen-Sho, game, board, mind, card
» CCDialer v2.0 BETA
Tired of punching in the Calling Card Number + PIN + Contact Number. Here's the solution. The application stores the calling card numbers and your recently called long distance/international contacts....
Arrived: 2007-02-16
Found under: dialer, calling, card, communication, utilities
» NS Durak v1.0
Durak is a simple Russian card game. The goal of this game is to get rid of all cards, the first who will have no cards is a winner. You can start your turn with any card and your oppone...
Arrived: 2006-07-06
Found under: Games, Card
DUGA is a MasterMind like game. This application has been written in Visual Studio .NET for only 5 hours (C# language) using .NET Framework. DUGA is Micic's first Smartphone application....
Arrived: 2006-06-27
Found under: games, cards
» Poker SP
No, it's not real gambling, but it is classic Video Poker for your Smartphone....
Arrived: 2006-06-15
Found under: poker, card, games
» Island Poker SP
Get a taste of the islands with Island Poker for your Smartphone....
Arrived: 2006-06-15
Found under: poker, card, games

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