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» Opera Mobile
The new Opera Mobile browser
Arrived: 2010-02-12
Found under: browser, web, mobile, opera
» GPS Mission
GPS Mission is a next generation mobile GPS game. This multiplayer scavenger hunt game will take you to the most interesting places around - for free (apart from mobile internet cost). Explore your...
Arrived: 2008-07-14
Found under: games, gps, multiplayer, mission, mobile,
» Skype for Smartphone v2.2.0.44
Skype for Windows Mobile Smartphone v2.2.0.44 provides you with:Free calls to friends and family from your mobile phone. Save on mobile calls at home, in the office or when travelling. Anywh...
Arrived: 2008-06-12
Found under: skype, wi-fi, mobile, 3G, free
» Windows Mobile 7 Theme
This theme is based on the Windows Mobile 7 theme.
Arrived: 2008-03-06
Found under: theme, windows, mobile, 7
» Boopsie
Boopsie is a mobile search provider. The Boopsie client is a thin, yet powerful, layer between you and what you are trying to find. Boopsie does not 'contain' the data; it creates and uses special ind...
Arrived: 2007-03-13
Found under: search, web, mobile
» Mobile NTP Client 1.2
A small NTP Client for Smartphones - currently in german only! For use at own risk!!! There is no installer now. You just have to unzip the application and to start it manually....
Arrived: 2007-01-14
Found under: mobile, client, ntp
» HEX Mobile v1.1
HEX Mobile is a HEX editor (like WinHEX), but it's for Windows Mobile Smartphones. HEX Mobile has theese features/limitations/bugs:THEORETICALY file size is limited up to 2'147'483'646 bytes (2.1Gb...
Arrived: 2006-12-13
Found under: mobile, hex, editor, develope
» Venturi VClient for Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone
Venturi VClient 3.1 for Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphone delivers up to 7X faster speed while Web browsing, sending/receiving email and files, or accessing business applications.
Arrived: 2005-07-25
Found under: venturi, vclient, windows, mobile, 2003, smartphone
» Smartphone m-Vision video: mobile Internet TV
m-Vision video gives you the power of TV on your Windows Mobile 2002 or higher Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone or Smartphone.
Arrived: 2005-03-30
Found under: smartphone, m-vision, video, mobile, internet
» ComicEdge (Windows Mobile)
Your favorite comic strips to take with you wherever you are. ComicEdge gives you access to over 100 syndicated comics, web comics, and editorials
Arrived: 2005-03-03
Found under: comicedge, windows, mobile is a mobile friendly wm5 and wm6 Smartphones free software directory with some great gps, games, themes, medical, battery and backup applications

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